Diesel Emission Claims

Why You Could be owed

In short, your vehicle may have been less environmentally friendly than you thought.

Millions of vehicles have allegedly had Emissions Cheat Devices installed in them, meaning they are producing unlawful levels of Nitrous Oxide (NOx), a dangerous chemical regulated by EU and UK emissions laws. 

If this is found to be true, multi-million-pound manufacturers are contributing to an already dire environmental situation, deceiving their customers and putting public health at risk. 

What’s more, you could have suffered a financial loss because of this.

Join 260,000+ other people who have started their emissions claims with our partner law firm.

Why Choose Us

leading Emissions Litigation Lawyers

Leigh Day, our partner law firm, is the same legal team that helped VW owners secure £193m in compensation for a similar case last year.

No-Win-No-Fee Claims*

You’ll only have to pay a fee if your case is successful. This will be taken directly from your compensation and agreed upon before you join a claim.

claims Could Be Worth thousands

It’s possible that you could be entitled to up to 75% of the purchase price of your vehicle by joining the group action claims.

Our partners will work on a no win no fee** basis, meaning that you will have nothing to pay unless your claim is successful (unless you have breached the terms of your agreement). If your claim is successful, you will pay some legal costs, these will be agreed upon between you and our partner law firm before you start your claim, so there will be no unexpected fees. **A fee could be payable for any claim(s) canceled after the 14-day cooling-off period. There is no charge if your claim is unsuccessful unless you have breached the terms of your agreement. We act as an intermediary and will refer your case to a legal partner and we may receive a fee for any valid cases.

Impacted Manufacturers