What is a Plevin PPI claim and am I eligible?

No doubt you saw the myriad PPI adverts, claiming you could be owed thousands for mis-sold payment protection insurance. Well, they weren’t wrong, in fact, Lloyds alone paid out more than £20 billion in PPI compensation.

If you never made a complaint, or you don’t think your settlement was fair, there is a chance you could still be owed.

Those of you with sharper memories may even remember the FCA’s advert featuring Arnie and the PPI deadline countdown…

Mrs Plevin vs Paragon Finance

…Well, almost two years after the original PPI deadline, many customers are still managing to make a claim for their mis-sold policies, thanks to the Mrs Susan Plevin vs Paragon Finance Supreme Court case of 2014.

In short, Mrs Plevin was unaware of the commissions associated with the PPI policy attached to her secured loan from Paragon Finance.

It transpired that a jaw dropping 71.8% of the premiums she paid under her PPI policy were commission payments for her lender.

The court ultimately ruled this as unfair because, firstly, the commission payments were not disclosed, and secondly, the percentage of the PPI premium that was paid as commission was unreasonable.

Despite the original PPI deadline passing, you can still make a Plevin claim as it falls under a different area of the law – the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Who can make a Plevin claim?

There is a chance you can still claim, or have your claim reassessed if:

– You never complained about mis-sold PPI.

– You received a tipping point offer or a partial settlement.

– You have had a PPI claim rejected even though there was PPI on the account.

– You had PPI on an account which was taken out post-April 2007 (or prior to 2007 but continued into April 2008)

If you’re unsure whether you had any PPI on your accounts, we can run a free PPI Check for you.

If you know you had PPI, then our experienced legal partner can review your documentation and quickly identify if the credit agreement was mis-sold to you. At which point you can instruct them to pursue the claim on your behalf on a no win no fee basis*.

*A fee could be payable for any claim(s) cancelled after the 14-day cooling-off period. There is no charge if your claim is unsuccessful. All fees will be detailed in the legal pack provided by Paget Brown.